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Hi All - Is there a way to be notified when someone reaches a certain rank? I have the automatic email set up to congratulate them, but I’d really love to be notified when someone reaches “hero” status for us. Thanks for any help!


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Hi @Kgastaldo,

check this out :point_down_tone1:


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thanks for sharing your challenge here with us!

@Suvi Lehtovaara I think this will not help as this will only send the notification to the user, and not to the community manager. Of course you could simply check your private messages and see if you congratulated a user for becoming a hero, however that message might “drown” between other private messages in your inbox.

Currently, we do not have a notification set up that informs you when a user reaches a certain rank. What you could do however, is to check in the user dashboard for rank changes and the amount of users who own a hero rank.

I do see the value of having notifications attached to certain ranks, so I will take this feedback with and inform our product team. Hopefully we can offer something like this in the future!

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Thanks Suvi - We do have email notifications set up for all the ranks, but because they all come from me, they do indeed drown in my inbox. 

Thanks for the consideration, Julian. If we only had notifications set up for one rank (the most important one as of now), then this would work. It’d be awesome if there was some sort of notification. Or even if I could run a report to show me what happened with ranks in the month. Right now I look at the report and then go back to my spreadsheet of heroes to see who the new people are. 

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Thanks for sharing more details of your challenge. I will take this with to the product team and "lobby” for a future improvement for this - of course I am just as interested to learn if someone earns a top rank on inSpired. ;)