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  • 12 July 2021
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How can I add this notification bar to my community?


4 replies

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Howdy @CommunityKaila !

That be the Hero Banner. A useful little tool for highlighting important threads or other interesting announcements. You can choose one thread at a time to be featured as and when you choose. Only one though, it doesn’t have the capability to host multiple threads or the entire page would be overloaded with banners!

I believe you can do it either from Control or within the thread, but I’ve not managed to find the exact details. Although it might also be hiding elsewhere… :)

I believe this is the hero banner. Not sure what the notification above is called.

My guess is that there is a featured moderator tag I should put in, I just don’t know what its called.

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Whoops, my fault! I got the two mixed up. Here’s the one you’re actually after.

The Featured Topics banner code

Thanks to some magic tricks, I’ve managed to figure it out properly. You’re looking for the Featured Topic Banner widget. I don’t have access to Control, so I can’t confirm the exact title, but hopefully that’s close enough. :)

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Hi @CommunityKaila For exact instructions check out this article.  The banner is explained in the last section of the article. 


I hope this helps! If so, feel free to mark my response as “best answer”.