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Hi Everyone!

Is there a way to stream videos from the community and have the community members ask questions by creating a reply to the topic with the video?

Has anyone used Insided to do AMAs (ask me anything) for your community members?



Best answer by Alistair FIeld 20 May 2022, 16:43

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Hi @beth 

We are not an event hosting platform so are unable to live stream from the community. What our friends over at Gainsight do (and I will shortly be doing the same) is publicise AMA sessions in the community, garner pre event questions, and follow up with a recording.

I copy you here a link to one of the threads to get an idea.


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I’ve heard of other Insided customers doing an AMA on just a topic thread in the community where the expert answers questions on it for a specific period of time. It’s not threaded like reddit or other things, but it’s a workable MVP solution.

Another option would be to create a temporary category or group for the AMA. That way all the actual questions are separate topics, but the AMA is in “one place. And then you can move them to the appropriate category location later on after the AMA is over. 

(Note: technically you could break out questions from a single AMA topic thread too. There’s a feature to turn a reply in it’s on post … but you’d probably lose the expert’s reply lower in the thread). 

But in general, I’d +1 Alistair’s recommendation and add my POV that introducing a separate Q&A tool probably own’t help your community adoption. So I’d encourage your live AMA event using a community thread or category if you can … and then have the person read and answer on a livestream event. The other upside is that content would then be on your community later on, rather than living in the event experience. 

Thank you both for your suggestions! Very helpful!