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  • 4 January 2021
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Hi folks - using the RSS feed (https://<communityURL>/feed/topics for those that don’t know). When I plug the URL into my RSS client (“feeder” since it was the first item in the chrome store), the title of the community is “Joined the Conversation” - you can see this in the RSS XML:

<title>Join the conversation</title>
<description>On the Forum you can ask questions or take part in discussions.</description>

Does anyone know how to change the title and description for this XML?

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Hi @dandre so this can be set in your ‘Customisation’ → ‘Site identity’ part of your control environment. The specific fields you’ll need to change will be these two:


Please note that this will also set the site <head> title and <meta> description tag for the community too :slight_smile: