Is there any way to include line breaks between numbered/bullet point lists?

  • 12 September 2019
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One of my colleagues was trying to make his first post in the community and wanted to share numbered steps. Since each step included more than a short phrase, he wanted to leave line breaks (i.e., spaces, or technically, increased leading) between each numbered item in the list. But he found that the auto-formatting prevented him from doing this. He shared this screen recording of his efforts and asked me "can we enable line breaks?"

The same thing happens when using bullet points. The only solution I had was to spend a little extra time undoing the auto-indenting that occurred when adding a number and period at the start of a line. So the list is no longer indented but at least it's a list that reads 1., 2., 3., with spaces in between each step.

Is there a better solution?

Here's the screen recording:

4 replies

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In Office programs it works using the "CTRL + Enter" combination but that doesn't work here.

A workaround could be to create that numbered list manually by replacing the dot with a bracket after the number.

1) Like

2) This
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The desired functionality seems to be working in the new editor when using the "Shift + Enter" combination:

You can try it yourself on your staging environment. First we'll make this new editor available for Article creation in Control, this means that for normal replies it won't be possible yet to add line-breaks between lists yet. The moment we enable the editor in all parts of our platform you will be able to do so.
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Another solution which works for me with the current editor is that I don't use this feature if I want to use line breaks:

If you type "1." it will automatically make a list out of it. However, if I type e.g. "a1." this will not happen. After I finished my list I then remove the additional character.

Of course this will then not use the same formatting as a "regular" numbered list, however to me it looks better than writing everything in the same line.

One more reason to look forward to the release of the new editor! 😉
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Thank you all!