Is there a workaround for the difference between Front-End and Control Search?

  • 10 November 2022
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Hey everyone! By any chance does anyone have any tricks to get around the discrepancy between Front End Search and Control Search?

We’ve recently changed the way one of our features works and the problem is that we’re seeing many customers still referencing the old content and getting confused as to which is accurate.

What we’re trying to do in order to solve this is Archive/hide/edit the out of date content so customers no longer get confused. 

Problem is, we have no way of easily finding all the content because searching the same keyword brings up different results within front end (473) VS control (191). So what we’re doing now is opening each thread within Front End and going into Control from there which as you can imagine is extremely time consuming :(

This isn’t a new issue just finally frustrated enough to ask for help on here. Any have any ideas?




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3 replies

I guess I’m the only one that this bothers OR there just is no workaround :(

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Hi @ChrisPantelis ,

Sorry this got missed. I’m only a user myself with no access to Control anywhere so I can’t easily comment.

Let me ask @Julian and @Alistair FIeld for help on this one.

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Hi @ChrisPantelis 


I certainly do not know of any workaround. I have raised the question to our product team.

I anticipate there are two separate search algorithms in use for each end (not ideal I know)


I think it is just something we need to work around for now. Sorry for the inconsistency.