Is there a way to require members to select from a list of tags?

  • 2 December 2019
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Hi All - Is there a way to create a list of tags and require users to select at least one when posting? I’m basically trying to get members to say what product they use when they post … 

2 replies

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No, there is no feature which will let you force users to add tags.

Usually your categorization is already defining which product a user is talking about. However that must not always be the case...

A tip that I can give you is to adjust the placeholder text in the editor, e.g. “please name the product your question is about” or something like that. All details about it can be found here, but let me know if you have additional questions or issues setting this up.

Also, if you would like a feature as you have described, feel free to submit it as an idea! :)

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Orrrr you can vote for this, @Kgastaldo :

Your use-case will fit there, too :)