Is there a way to create a report for accounts that don't sync in Salesforce?

  • 24 June 2022
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Hi all -

It appears some of our users accounts are not syncing with Salesforce. I am thinking it is because of one of the following reasons - 

  1. They aren’t using the email associated with SF
  2. They aren’t a contact in Salesforce
  3. They have an updated email address and we should update in Salesforce

For whatever the reason we’d like to be able to run a report that captures who is not syncing to Salesforce so we can use that data to update records, etc.

Is this possible?


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8 replies

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Hi @ryanne.perry 

Thanks for the question.

I am asking around internally if there is anything we can suggest.

Happy Monday!! 

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Hi @ryanne.perry 

Speaking with our engineers, I am sorry to say this is currently NOT feasible.

I encourage you to create an idea as I am sure this would be a good addition to the capability.



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Thanks @Alistair FIeld 

I put this Idea in - did I enter in the right area, Analytics and Reporting? Or should it be integrations?

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Hi, @ryanne.perry we setup a Zapier automation to create a new Salesforce contact when it doesn’t exist.

That way, we get very close to 100% match and the SFDC data is accurate for us to build reports and dashboards off of. 

But I like your idea and voted for it. Hopefully the suggestion above helps you get to a long term fix, but I’m not quite sure how to address those that have previously not synced. 

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Thanks @ddpancratz! Is there a ‘how-to’ instructions for the Zapier automation to create a new Salesforce contact when it doesn’t exist?

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@ryanne.perry I have a question out to my team for more details on how we did this, but I’m pretty sure we leverage this Zapier action for Salesforce


I’m not 100% positive, but I believe our trigger is the New Contact zapier trigger from Insided


The tricky part is the in between, but the overall Zap is probably something like: 

  1. New User (Insided Trigger)
  2. Find Record (Salesforce Action)
  3. [some type of filtering for only go forward if record is not found / blank]
  4. Create Contact (Salesforce Action) based on data provided from step 1

As I type that out, I see that there’s a Salesforce App that might consolidate steps 2-4. But I haven’t used it personally and I’m waiting to hear back from our team on our actual setup. 


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That’s exactly what we ended up doing - we basically have a zap that checks to see if a contact record exists in SFDC with the same email address.  If it exists, we do nothing - if it doesn’t exist we create the contact using the details from the insided user record

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@ddpancratz is 100% correct :-)

We always link to this post that answers these questions:


I’ll see if I can take some time in the near future to turn it into a cleaner article, which also explains what additional steps you could take inbetween.