Is it possible to remove a category from the menu without making it 'hidden'?

  • 28 August 2020
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We’d like to create an ideation category that is ‘visible’ to any member, but the category isn’t in the Community menu. So, it’s sort of like creating an unlisted video in youtube: anyone can get to it, but only if they have the url. 


The ideation category will be for a specific product that we’re launching, and we only want limit the area to only folks that are using it. The reason that we don’t want to create a group and then limit that category to that group is that it will create an extra layer of friction between clicking on a link to give feedback and being able to share the feedback in the Community. Even with automation, we can’t gaurantee that a member will be given the relevant role before they get to the category to share their idea.


Is it possible to use CSS to hide a menu item? My teammate took @nicksimard a look and we can see that there is a and you can specify the nth child and set the property to   display:none; but we’re getting stuck figuring out how to hide a specific category, rather than a whole section of the menu. We can set up the category as a parent or subcategory, whatever would work to be able to hide it. 


Or can anyone think of another way of doing it?


It thought I had an ingenious solution when I named the category “ “ but for some reason, that caused an issue when you tried to navigate to the category :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

3 replies

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So I was thinking about this in the last couple of days, I am wondering if you only want to hide this category from the menu drop-down list (top right of the page) or also from the category list on the homepage?

I know that we helped removing it from the menu list before, so I think it should generally speaking be possible to do that. My colleage @tom.shaddock might be able to point you to the right direction and also help you to remove the category from the homepage.

Thanks Julian, our resident expert CSS tinkerer @nicksimard figured it out! 


We don’t currently have the categories on our home page, so that’s not a problem, but thanks!

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Happy to hear that. If there is anyhting you need help with, just let us know!