Is it possible to edit a Group name and URL after set up?

  • 15 September 2023
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Hi, Community - 

I know this is possible with categories/sub-categories, but would like to confirm it works for Groups also. Can we change the name and URL after setting up the Group?


Context on our use case scenario, if it helps

  • We are launching a new Early Adopter or Beta soon. We want to have some general “early bird” types during message testing but then later give this Group a snazzy name and identity. 
  • For phase 1 could we do “Early Adopters” and then change to the final name? Or would that involve migrating Groups / members? (want to avoid ideally)



Best answer by Oliver Marriott 19 September 2023, 09:50

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4 replies

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Hi @JKelley 👋,

Yes this works for Groups in the same way it does for Parent and Child Categories. You can update the name of the Group and the URL will also be updated. Any links to the old URL will also work as the URL utilises an ID to direct you to the correct Group.

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Thanks, Oliver! That’s helpful to know!

@Oliver Marriott does this also work with the ideas section or is this hardcoded, as it refers to a type of post-category?
(we renamed our ideas section and would like to show the new name in the URL as well)

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Hi @Xentral_Community 👋,

Sadly the module URLs are hardcoded so even though the URL will change if you edit the name of the group e.g. you aren’t able to change the URL of the Groups module as a whole ( This is the same as the other modules: Community, Knowledge Base, Ideation, Product Updates and Events.