Is it possible to authenticate with the RSS feed

  • 26 February 2021
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I’ve looked through the help and I can’t find any information on this. If I access the RSS feed location from a public URL (e.g. not logged into the community) the feed displays all the ‘public’ posts.

Is there a way to pass a token as part of the URL which is specifically linked to a user so it it displays the feed that is relevant for that user.

For example, if I access the RSS feed whilst logged into the community, the feed shows me all posts relevant to my/a users permissions.

There are two reasons for this:

  1. To create a frequent email which includes new/updated posts that members can subscribe to
  2. To allow members to use the RSS functionality within Outlook/Another RSS aggregator to easily review the new topics from the community and not be inundated with New topic emails from our community

2 replies

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Hey there @TimBer ,

In theory, this might be possible, as security tokens can be passed in RSS related URLs. But I don’t think inSided has support for this right now. Could be a good one for an Idea post though!

I remember using RSS a lot back in the day, it’s a pretty cool bit of tech, albeit very underrated.

Hey @TimBer, did you ever get a more concrete answer on this one?