Is it possible for users to reply to a thread via email?

  • 21 December 2020
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As the title states - our internal stakeholders would want to allow replies to threads over email rather than needing to exit from the mail client to the website first - is this possible?

6 replies

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@Yoeri maybe you know something about this?

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Hey @dandre ,

We’ve missed this one. It’s not possible for users to reply to a thread via email. Uses will need to go to the community (login if needed) and respond from there. Emails will only show a preview of the thread/reply, so in order to get the full context of a post you will need to view it in the community.

@Yoeri Does the team see this as a future feature?

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Looping in @daniel.boon to have a look at your question :)

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Hey @Dkreiger. This isn’t something we’re considering in the short-term - in addition, in terms of making it easier to contribute/reply to something on the community without actually having to visit, email is not one of the main touchpoints that we’ve seen coming up (compared to e.g. Slack, or in-product).

Thanks @daniel.boon for the update.