Improving suggested topics (branded template)

  • 23 February 2018
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Are you guys panning to improve the 'suggested topics' (Dutch: gerelateerde topic) feature? The logic behind presenting the 'suggested topics' is a bit basic.

For example: we have a topic running about XS4all and the Fritzbox modem. However, on the right side.. a suggested topic is about 'erection problems'. The keyword is probably 'problemen', but that seems an archaic way of suggesting other topics.

A more logical option would be based on context combined with public/moderation tags and maybe with a bias setting related to the categories. The erection topic was posted in our ‘health’ category, so you would think this would rank lower when it comes to suggesting content (bias results) when the main topic is in our ‘computers and electronica’ category


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Hi Niels!

We are aware that the algorithm for related topics is not optimal (and thanks for your example, as that is a very clear case of where it is lacking 😄) but right now its not a high priority to work on this. Its part of our vision to start using AI and machine learning to make a content intelligence machine, so I expect this will tie in here down the line, to help determining the right topics to show.