Image aspect ratio on Articles and Events

  • 7 September 2022
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Hello there!

I just started making an image template for articles but found  different aspect ration between two post types.   Do we know why the ratio is different? And can I set the Event image specs to the same ratio as the Article image specs?

Article = 1440 x 640

Event = 600 x 300


4 replies

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Hi @juan.delrio 

Firstly sorry for the delayed response here. 

Secondly thanks for highlighting the difference.

I can only imagine the specs are different to cater for the different size of the display widgets. 

The sizes are minimum to keep definition. But I get that the ratios are different.

We do have a style guide to assist on assets: 

 I am roping in our designer @Silviu for any input.

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Hello @juan.delrio

I must say as @Alistair FIeld mentioned that we just recommend the best sizes to ensure the best display on different screen sizes, but if I am not mistaken, you can upload any image size and it will be cropped accordingly to match the aspect ratio for Events or Articles.

I hope this helps.

Hello Silviu!
I was just trying to be more efficient making graphics.  If I set a single template for article thumb/header graphics, I could use the same template for all articles if the aspect ratio was the same.   As it is not, I have to refactor the elements in the graphics to fit in different aspect ratios.

Multiple templates it is then.
Thank you for your response!

I am just revisiting this topic with a current example.  I had to remake this image 3 times to get it to fit properly in the activity feed and the feature articles section.  The guess work is not my favorite feature.