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  • 11 February 2020
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Working on embedding the html block widget to the community. We tested it out on the almostinsided and it appeared fine on the homepage. How do I get it to appear on a certain page within the community,  



3 replies

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To only show this HTML widget on certain pages, you’d have to use Javascript and the inSided Data object, which isn’t an easy thing to do, sadly.

There is an open idea regarding custom sidebars for categories that seems to be exactly pointing out the problem you’re facing right now. 

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Hey @Pav Dhillon,

Bjoern already pointed out that you can show different content on different pages based on the “inSided data object”, which is true.

But maybe you could share with us on which specific pages you would like to display what? Because this way we get a better idea of what you want to do exactly. This way we have a better idea once my colleagues start working on improvements in this area.

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Hi @bjoern_schulze, @Julian 

CC: @Pav Dhillon 

Thanks for your response.

The aim is to support particular pages on our e-commerce site, using the ‘html’ block widget’ on community articles. 

We saw a really nice example on the a1 Community: Where they have custom widgets that promote particular props (iPhone in this case) on an article.

I appricate that this isn’t the purpose of the community! But would be good for us to try out and display the power of our community to the wider business.