How to promote groups of topics using an e-campaign

  • 5 August 2019
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Hi everyone,

For an ongoing e-campaign I'm looking for a way to promote groups of Community topics.
It's a programmed e-mail sequence, so we're thinking about using tags. In this way we can deeplink to a tagsearch that show relevant topics.

Is this the most common way or do you tackle it differently?

2 replies

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Hi Celine,

interesting project, thanks for sharing your question here!

I probably would also recommend you to do it with a Tag search - unless all content sits in the same category.

If all content is in the same category, you could also think about making relevant topics "sticky" - this way they will always remain at the top of the list. This I would only do if the sticky content also is relevant for other users browsing this category.

Of course you could also create a dedicated category for this content, however this really depends on the context of your campaign and about the content itself. If you think this might be an option, then maybe you want to wait a few days more because we are about to release something interesting about categories (and the way they look) soon...
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Way to build up the suspense! 😎

Thanks, I'm going to stay on the lookout!