How to pause an automated email campaign that is active?

  • 19 September 2023
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Question is probably self-explanatory.


My email campaign says the following:


First of all, how do I pause an email campaign? I couldn’t find the button anywhere. I only found the “archive” feature. Is there at difference between the two?



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4 replies

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This question is also answered here:


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More specifically, my question is:

Is it possible to pause a campaign for a few days and then resume it?
Or would I have to archive it (so end it completely) and then duplicate and republish a new version?


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Morning @Daniele 

I believe that is a miss labelling that is under way to be fixed. 

You CANNOT pause a campaign in its current deployment. 

I apologise for any confusion and hope this clears it up. 

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No worries! Thank you, that answers my question :)