How to make the quality of images better?

  • 7 September 2017
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Hi everyone,

I hope that you guys can help me out here. ☺️ When I upload images with good quality on our communitypage the images lose quality. The text on the images that were easy to read are vague after uploading them on the community.

Does anyone know what the quality of the images must be so they also look good after uploading? It would be even easier if it was possible to upload pdf-documents on the communitypage. Is this something that Insided is planning to do in the future?



3 replies

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Hi Jeannie!

I would suggest that you actually don't use images with text on them, because the text will get distorted depending on the device where they are seen (responsive templates readjust the size of images according to device).

However, from a more technical point of view: are you talking about uploading images on topics or are we talking about larger images (hero images on a page)? @Shane do you know if image quality changes at the topic level?

Regarding your question on uploading PDFs, I would suggest that you create an ideation topic on it, as that way we may be able to know better whether many of our clients are interested in this possibility.
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Hi Jeannie!

The quality of the image is never changed but I think perhaps the image size you are using is too small.

For instance when you click on this image the quality is still high and you can read all of the text.

However, in some cases the platform reduces the file size of images when they are uploaded to a topic in order to 'optimize' them, this is to prevent loading times on the topic page from being affected if it judges the image to be to large of a file size. So by reducing the file size it may cause the image to lose some of its sharpness.

Could you send me some examples of images this has happened with to so I can look into this further? Cheers!

@Daniel Thanks for your quick respons. I'm talking about uploading images on topics.

@Shane I will send you some examples of images. Thanks in advance!