How to Increase User Engagement in Events in our Featured Topics?

  • 22 October 2021
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Hi all! 


Recently we’ve begun an initiative to shoutout our ‘helpful’ customers as a surprise-and-delight tactic to promote more peer-to-peer learning and bring visibility to awesome users in our Community. However, we’ve noticed that hardly any users are interacting with these specific posts and posts in general via likes or comments. 

Anyone have any best practices or ideas to drive more engagement with content like this? Would love to hear any ideas! 


5 replies

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Hey Taylor!

This is a lovely tactic so don't feel too rough that it hasn't landed yet. Keep going with it.

But whilst you keep at it, why not interview some of these users and find out what motivates them? You might find that you can achieve higher engagement by honing in on what would really delight them.

As an example, one thing that my members absolutely love is the chance to speak with our internal experts - so we're setting up a reward for frequent leaderboard toppers related to that.


Thanks for the reply @Michael_S

Hi @Taylor Tarpley , Great idea! I have recently started a similar weekly activity in my community. I’ve used this activity in previous communities to thank those who have helped and encourage answering of questions. I will then use the names that popup frequently to loop into a “superuser” group. I plan on interviewing them as @Michael_S suggests. Below is a link to this week’s article. Cheers!

Ask a Question, Get an Answer - Nov 1 - Nov 5, 2021

Hi @Chris Hackett


Really appreciate the input and sharing your community tactic!


Additional question- Would love to know exactly how you’re discovering and measuring a member’s ‘helpfulness’ in your Community? I’m trying to improve the workflow/ efficiency in this area. Do you see all the comments yourself or are you combing through the month’s data in a specific way? 




It takes some time but I review each question asked that has activity in the past week. Those who have replied to try and help, I call out as being “helpful” :grinning: . If nothing else, I know EVERYTHING going on. LOL