How to fix post previews on mobile?

  • 26 March 2020
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Has anyone else noticed that on mobile, the post preview does an odd “...” where it previews the first and last sentence? I’ve attached an example below, but does anyone know how to fix this in customization?



2 replies

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When I check your community homepage on mobile, I see the expected behaviour:


I have a Samsung Galaxy S10+ and I use Chrome. So my guess is that you have a different phone (with a different screen size) and that’s why the responsive code from inSided displays the teasers differently / buggy for you. I suggest that you open a support ticket and also mention your phone model and browser, so inSided has better chances of quickly reproducing your issue.

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Thanks! This was viewed on an iphone on safari, which I imagine most of our users will be accessing our website from, so definitely will create a support ticket to see if this can be remedied.