how to find WHEN a user received a badge or moved up to a rank

  • 9 November 2023
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Two questions around gamification 

Is there a way for us to see WHEN (date) a user received a badged? 

Is there a way for us to see WHEN (date) a user got to a different rank?


Saw this idea but it has been marked at “parked.” 




5 replies

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I am sorry but I dont know the answer, I think there is no way to find that info. I can see it would be helpful, for us as a admins but for the user as well.

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I’m not a developer but I like finding answers with existing tools.

Now Assuming you do very little PM’s,

You could add a custom role or rank to your badge awarding, then get the count of badges currently awarded every month.  For current month if the value is different, you then run an export for the messages sent that month and find the username.  The messages export will give you the date.

Something similar for second question.

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@Seb - is this something we have worked on/are looking to make enhancements for?


@hbailey1 - there is an API call Yip.UserBadgeEarned that you could use to trigger an automation to record the date (in a Google Sheet, for example) when a user earns a badge. It does not seem like the system records when a user gets a specific rank, however this may change once we release our Datalake and continue enhancing its functionality.


From a more practical perspective, could you expand on why you are looking to have this information? Would help me understand the context better and see if there’s a workaround you could employ. 

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We created a work around for now but still a lot of manual work. 


We are wanting to spotlight them in our newsletter and send them different swag when moving up in rank. Also, for tracking/reporting purposes. Every Quarter we are looking at Ranks and Badges to see if we need to adjust them based on how many have received them. 

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@hbailey1 - Thanks for the response. That is an interesting use-case, for sure, and it makes perfect sense for what you would be using this for. I would post a new idea outlining this ask along with your use-case, so our product team can engage with you. 


@Seb - would this be something you could also comment on?


In the meantime, have you considered using points to reward ‘high achievers’? You could use this API call and add parameters for a given month. This would then give you all the users who have earned points within that timeframe, and then you could quite easily identify your top three or top five and reward them. Just thought this might help you in the meantime and simplify your workflow (if relevant).