how to find user groups you belong to

  • 1 September 2020
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Hi, I’m starting a couple user groups but not sure about the user experience once a user has joined.

Groups I’m a member of don’t seem to appear in search results, or my profile. If you are not subscribed to notifications, or want to go to the page to just post something, there’s no easy way to get there.

I saw the suggestion here to add a quick link to the groups list on your homepage. Other than that or some other direct link, is there any way a user can find a group page?


2 replies

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Hi Jess!

I see what you mean. Search is only for content, so categories, groups etc. are not listed here. Maybe that could be improved. Also on the user profile page we do not show groups. I’ll make sure to forward this to our product team in case they don’t have it on their list to improve this.

Currently, you can also easily list all groups of a community on the homepage via the group widget. It offers a better presentation of the groups than a quicklink. It will indicate which groups there are, and I think also if you are already a member of a group. You can add it by going into the customization mode and adding a new group widget to the homepage.

Next to that, I used to show groups via a custom banner in a HTML sidebar widget. This also promotes the group of course to users who have not joined yet. But it might be a bit over-the-top for you if you just want to make sure users can find back a group.

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@Julian thanks - yeah, it would be great to be able to find it these other ways :)

For now we’ll promote with direct links and try out the group widget.