How to do rows of 4 quick links like InSpired?

  • 31 March 2022
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The new InSpired home page, community overview page, and knowledge base overview page all use what appears to be rows of 4 quick links. 

When I configure the quicklink widget on my home page, adding a fourth quick link reconfigures the layout to be 2x2, rather than 1x4

How is InSpired doing this? Or how can I achieve the same result?

This article says this in relation to quick links and featured content, but doesn’t reveal how it’s setup

On inSpired, we also showcase a few categories that we want to highlight a little bit more:


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7 replies

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Of note: I’m nearly positive I’ve seen versions of the InSpired Knowledge Base overview page that had a 1x6 or larger row of quick links to articles on Insided integrations. Right now it’s showing for me as a row of 4 and a second row of 2.

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Hi @ddpancratz thanks for asking that question. Actually we used custom CSS to achieve that on InSpired. HOWEVER,  we are currently working on an improved version of the quick links to allow to add 4 quick links in a row out of the box. This is something planned relatively short term. I can involve you once we have a testable version :)

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We are also very interested in 4 quick links as well! I would love to be involved in testing this out. @Marion Frecaut 

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I'll keep it in mind @Chelsea Roberts 

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I had this exact question, @ddpancratz - thanks for asking it. 


@Marion Frecaut yes please for testing these 4 in a row quick links! 

Does anybody know if this ‘4 quick links in a row’ was developped? 
I also would like to use 1x4 instead of 2x2

@here have you seen this post? 

Works like a charm!