how often you change out your community content on the home page?

  • 1 December 2022
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Hey there, 

My team and I are wanting to know how often you change out your community content on the home page? (featured topics, trending topics, webinars, events, etc..)

  • 1 week?
  • 2 weeks?
  • Months?

We have a lot of content that we want to show and share. But want to make sure we leave it up long enough for community members to see. 

5 replies

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My personal POV is that it’s important to show your users that “this is a place where things are happening” so I’d say at least weekly. 

It sounds like you have a lot of content/events, so I’d recommend showing a mix of what’s upcoming and what’s newest. 

Get in the beta of the Dynamic content widget if you’re not already. 

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Agree with @ddpancratz on weekly as well. I have a few things that end up sitting a couple weeks, but I try to change SOMETHING at least every week.

Haven’t heard about this widget, but I’ll ask my rep too!

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Weekly typically and sometimes over the course of the week. We try to keep things fresh and a sense of change and evolution vs. it feeling static. Even sometimes just changing “how” it is presented can shift engagement and make things feel new.

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Home page, you mean .com or community home page?

We update .com homepage once per week. Updating the community home varies, sometimes I update it daily, sometimes once per week.

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Between the ‘featured content’ and top announcement ribbons I could change it more than once per week to highlight latest stuff.

Also started a weekly roundup of the Community publication.