How do you communicate your roadmap in your community?

  • 24 November 2020
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As a low code platform supplier for core systems, we have different roadmaps for different technologies and for different customers, all of which have their own interests. Some develop their own applications with the Thinkwise Platform for themselves. Others build custom software for their customers and others build an off-the-shelf application that is used by many end-users. 

So far I have not found a good way how to integrate our roadmaps in the inSided platform/community. I am curious how others communicate their roadmaps on their community? And what challenges do they encounter in terms of functionalities that inSided platform does not offer...

5 replies

I have the exact question. 

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We have a section of our Knowledge Base for product release notes and roadmap. The roadmap category has about 10 articles there, as we have roadmaps by product and industry served.

We don’t use the product update section (which would seem like the obvious choice), because we support multiple products and our product updates don’t match the sections of our idea portal. 


I’m also keen to hear how people are handling this.

I would like to know how other product (especially multi-product) teams are using inSided to showcase their product roadmaps and get user feedback. Any best practices, what works, what doesn’t would be really helpful.

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Since I’m at Productboard, we use Productboard! Our portal communicates the things we’re actively working on, considering, and have released. You can check it out here:

As of right now, we’re updating product release notes externally and then I’m linking to that page when it goes live.

We’ll likely adjust this, but for now, we want to have a way to update and let people know about updates without creating anything net new.