How do I reset a users password?

  • 13 August 2020
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I need help resetting my user’s password. They have tried the Reset Password link, but never get the email. Is there some way on the back end to just change the password or send them some verification email? I tried just manually changing the password myself but it still doesn’t let them in. I did get confirmation on my end that the password was changed when I changed it. Thanks!


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I think there is a misunderstanding here, I hope this explanation will help:

Basically, there are two login methods any community can use: The SSO login and the inSided login. 


Your community is making use of a SSO login method. This means users go via your company login in order to log in to the community. The community itself does not handle the login and does not store information such as the password a regular user needs to log in. This is all handled on your side.


Different to that, e.g. our inSpired community offers a username / password login which is stored within the platform. When you click on login here, you will directly be able to put in your credentials, opposed to the SSO login where you are being directed to another website.


So, if the customer claims that he/she used the “password reset” and did not receive an email, I would assume that the user tried it on your company login page and not on the community itself. So the issue probably needs to be fixed within your CRM where your company stores your customer credentials like email address and password. To be sure this is the case, you could ask the customer to share the url of the website where the user clicked on that button. I am pretty confident that it will be somewhere on your company homepage, as we normally automatically remove the password reset functionality once we implement a SSO login (and disable our own inSided login).


In consequence, updating the password for a user in the profile page through the Control environment will not change anything, as these credentials are not used for logging in to the community frontend. Updating the password here would only affect the login to the Control Environment itself, as the Control Environment does not use your SSO login (but a username/password combination). So only update the password when it is for logging in there.


I hope that this will clear things up a bit - I know that the details around login / password can be a bit confusing due to the different methods we are offering. If there are any more questions around this, just let me know!

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Thanks for the explanation. I did have user try the password reset through the Community site instead of the company site and they’re still unable to get the password reset. Is there no way for me to send it to them on the backend?

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Actually, I just realized I’m trying to get one of my co-workers access to Control permissions. It’s not letting them login in. They were able to register and log in but how do you give them Control permissions?

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Your community should not have a reset password feature within the community itself, as your community only allows login & registration via your company homepage.

Usually, when this type of login is activated, the button to reset a password should automatically disappear from your community. It could be that it is not working as it is not supposed to work, but the button remains visible. I will check it and get back to you.

For the Control environment, you need to give access rights to a registered user by assigning a role that allows the user to access this area. There are several ways to do this, depending on what this user should be allowed to access in Control, and what not.

If you want to give the user a Moderator / Community Manager / Administrator role

You can simply go to the profile page of this user and change the primary role of this user from “Registered user” to the one you want to assign, e.g. Moderator. We also have an invite feature now, however as the user already is registered, this is not applying here.

If you want to give specific access to certain areas only

If you want to give that user very specific access (for example, only the Analytics pages), then you will need to create a specific user role first and tick the box for the permissions you want that user to own (e.g. “Analytics”). Save the user role, go to the user profile page and then activate that user role for this user. You can read it in more detail in this guide:


Important: In both cases, you will need to define a new password in the user profile page. Simply type in the password in both fields in the profile page, and save the changes. This password will be only for the Control environment, it has nothing to do with the regular login details that are being used to log in to the front-end of your community.


I hope this will help you further!

I’m having the same issue a user isn’t able to reset his password although he has clicked on reset password. We don’t have SSO.