How can you fix welcome messages problems?

  • 2 December 2019
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Hi! We are using welcome messages for our users when they reach the ‘new’ rank (0 topics, 0 replies). But they don’t receive the messages anymore. I tried to reinstall it, but it didn’t work 😕  I also tried to set it up with another account, but that also didn’t work. 

What can I do?

2 replies

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Hi there! It looks like this problem with rank calculation is being caused by the open issue we have: we’re working on this with high priority and hope it have it solved shortly. Keep following the status page for updates regarding this, apologies for the inconvenience caused :slight_smile:

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Hi @romynatalya  just letting you know this issue with the rank achievement should now be working normally on your community - your newly registered users are all receiving the correct rank now and the ones who didnt during the incident should now have received them retroactively too. Please let us know if there’s any issues with this still.