How can I move Subfroum to another Category

  • 29 August 2018
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Is it possible to move a Subforum from one category to another one? It may be useful in case we decide to modify a community structure. I'm trying to do this within the control Panel but I can't. Also there is not an ability to specify parent category in Subforum settings.

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8 replies

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Hi @Rodion,

At the moment it is not possible to move complete subforums between categories in one click. But we have an easy solution for it:
  1. Create a new subforum in the desired category
  2. Move all the topics of the old subforums towards the new subforum
  3. Delete the old subforum
Hopefully this will help you out 🙂
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Oh, nice 🙂 And how you deal if a subforum contains 1000 topics? Should I move 1000 topics by 50 manually?
Sure it is good solution for a young community. But it will be really inconvenient in 3-5 years. Any plans to realize this feature?
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@Rodion , if you have a very large number of topics then we can of course help you by doing some database magic.

At the moment there is no plan to add this feature due to our priorities and focus. But you can share this in the ideation category and who knows; maybe everyone wants this feature and then the product team can re-evaluate its priority.
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@Maryam thanks. That's the conclusion I wanted to see.
Sure I'll ping support for magic if we'll need it next 3-4 years.
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I made new categories and new forums, and I'd like to move them to the new ones if possible.

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Hi Eric!

I have decided to merge your topic with a similar question which has been asked here a while ago, as your topic title and what you try to achieve are two different things (and it has been discussed in another thread already).

Let me explain:

Your title originally said "If I delete a forum, what happens to my orphaned topics?".

Technically you cannot delete a category/subcategory as long as there is content in it. You would receive an error message which asks you to move that content first to another location.

Your screenshot indicates more that you want to move a subcategory to another category than where it has been created in.

Unfortunately that is the only limitation you have in this menu, currently it is not possible to move a subcategory to another category. You can move categories up/down the list, same with subcategories, but this specific step is unfortunately not supported.

We have this idea here which I would recommend you to vote on this idea, we will discuss it internally and provide an update soon.


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I cam across this idea, and thought it might help me for this same issue.

In order to move a category to a different parent category we introduced a new button ‘Change parent category’ on the category edit page. There you can select the parent category that you would like to move the category to.


However, it doesn’t seem to appear for me.

Anyone have any luck fixing the original issue?

The mythical Change parent category button

The mythical beast does exist. 🐲 Posting for anyone new as it can be difficult to find.

As in any case where you’re moving stuff, I recommend testing to

see if it affects URLs, IDs used in Zaps...all  that good stuff.

  1. Go to Control
  2. Click Platform (left vertical navigation)
  3. Click Edit by the subforum you want to move to a new parent category
  4. On the subforum page, scroll all the way down to the bottom.
  5. In the lowest left corner, you’ll find the Change parent category button.
  6. Click Change parent category to see the list of parent categories where you can move the subforum.
  7. Select the new parent category and click Save changes