Groups versus Community Module Categories

  • 3 February 2021
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I’m considering using Groups more than sub-categories  in the community module. 

From what I’ve seen in the documentation, I gain some functionality with Groups that better fits our case. And I don’t seem to lose much functionality, just a different navigation experience. 

Am I missing anything? Are there any potential limitations or downsides?

5 replies

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Thanks for sharing your question here with us!

There surely are some differences you have to take into account. It is not easy to make a complete comparison as both work differently in some aspects. In general, community category functionality is more advanced than for groups. I will try to name the most important ones:


You cannot set permissions in groups that you can set in categories. This mostly is about rights for viewing, commenting and creating new topics. You can create private groups, but also these groups will be visible in the groups overview page.


You cannot customize the sidebar of a group page the same way in which you can add widgets to the sidebar.


You will not be able to limit an automatic Badge to be awarded only based on activity in one group, you can do this for community categories however.


As far as I know, you cannot drill down to certain groups in the advanced search filters, while you can limit the search results to individual community categories.


I think these are the most important ones to mention for now. I would suggest to try out both and test how the user experience is on both sides. Let us know if you have more questions around this!

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Update: I actually just learned that you actually can limit Badge rules for groups as well. I simply missed it in the list as groups are sitting at the bottom….

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Thanks, @Julian this is helpful. 

I’m curious to know what the features/functionality are that you gain with groups that you don’t have with the community categories. We’re just getting things set up and I’ve been struggling to really understand the differences between the two options in order to make the best decisions in setting up some of our areas as groups or community categories.
The list posted of things you can’t do with groups v. categories is helpful...but what CAN I do with Groups that I can’t do with categories?


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@Julia_M @ddpancratz laid out some tips in this topic that may help: