Folder Structure in community groups

  • 20 July 2021
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We would love to have the possibility to structure the topics in folders in the Groups module. The reason is it will be much more structured and easier for customers to navigate to the right file (not everyone knows what to search for with the "Google search bar" in Hub to make the correct topic show, imagine when there down the line are for instance 200 + topics to chose from). Would you be able to add a folder structure to the Groups module, or at least the possibility to activate a folder structure here? We'll not be able to offer our customers a good overview of all the content we're looking to post in the Groups without a folder structure. Anyone else out there thinking this could create a better experience for our users? 

1 reply

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Hi there @Anitahg !

I think I’ve found a few Ideas that might be related to your wish. Could you take a look at these Ideas to see if any of them sound about right?

There might be some others as well, but I think these three are the ones that are the best fit. :)