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Hi folks, I’d like to change the text “Note: this option may only be used to report junk mail, advertising and unauthorized messages such as insults or abusive language.” to something that’s more suitable for our community. Unfortunately my basic knowledge of Phrases is falling short. What do I need here?


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Hi @wtempleton,

The phrase is the following:

Module: Forum

Key: Note: this option may only be used to report spam, advertising and unauthorized messages, such as insults, fights or rudeness.

Singular: [What you want the text to be]

I have added a phrase for your community already @wtempleton, it’s phrase 94. Let me know if you run into any issues!,




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Thanks Ravi, very helpful! Is there a catalogue anywhere of phrases like this that aren’t immediately obvious, or some way of determining what the key would be? I don’t want to bug you folks every time I run across one!

EDIT: I feel like a fool - the Phrases toggle in the bottom right on the homepage will serve all these front and centre, of course. I was flying blind in the admin panel instead.