Email notifications about older activity?

  • 18 June 2019
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Hi @Julian , I've noticed a few notification emails from our community received today, where the notification is for something that happened 2 weeks ago. I've checked a few other members had the same issue.

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I have moved your question to a new topic, as the other topic was about a specific outage & about this community.

I can think of a situation where you could get notifications for older content: When you (or somebody else) move topics to a different category (which you have subscribed to), then it could happen that you get a notification, as it counts as a new topic.

Which type of notification did you receive? Was it about new topics or new replies?

If you are using the same email address as here, then we can also search in our logs. Or you provide me the links to these topics in a private message, then I can have a closer look.