Do ideas show in the conversational widget?

  • 28 September 2021
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Are ideas included in the topics that populate in the conversational widget? If so, can users vote from within the embeddable widget? 


Best answer by ddpancratz 1 October 2021, 18:48

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Hey @ddpancratz, I’d be curious to hear about your thinking related to this use case. 

Right now ideas can’t be loaded into the embeddable widget.  Something to keep in mind with the embeddable widget is that it only works with content that is within a publicly available category, as there’s no way to manage community permissions and authentication from whatever page it’s being loaded (there’s no community login).  So if you had your ideation section closed to a particular group of users (like we have here) the embeddable widget also wouldn’t be able to load content. 

Additionally, ideas require an end-user to be authenticated in order to vote on an idea - so even if ideas could be loaded, it wouldn’t be possible to vote.  

Again, would be curious to hear more about your thinking.

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Confirmed by @Kenneth that ideas don’t show in the conversational widget. 

Right now ideas can’t be loaded into the embeddable widget. 

Correction to his reply about public/private categories: We’re using the conversational widget as a private community and it’s working great! Content that’s visible for all registered users is coming through just fine. 

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Hey Danny, yep you are quite right that my first response included an error - I edited my post last week to remove the mention of private communities.  Our tech folks confirmed that the embeddable widget looks to the permissions of the category it’s pulling content from (it needs to be open to unregistered users) but not to whether the community itself is private or public.