Content Strategy. Zendesk Help Center or Community?

  • 28 September 2021
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InSided has a nice integration to Zendesk Guide. I assume that exists because a lot of Customers store information (knowledge) on both platforms and don’t want to migrate everything from one to the other.

I am curious how others determine where knowledge base items should live then? What is the acid test to make this determination? How do you articulate the distinction between what goes in Community and what goes into the Zendesk Help Center?

Thanks in advance.

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We keep all of our product knowledge in Zendesk and federate it into our community. We decided on that approach mostly to avoid duplication, provide a single source of truth versus multiple, and also because our customers already knew our KB. In addition some of our customers aren’t community members. 

We don’t use the inSided KB for product information, but have instead repurposed it as our “community KB” where we keep how to’s on how to use the community and stuff like our code of conduct, DE&I policy, and contact details for our community team. 

To that end, the distinction is clearer.