Connecting superuser rewards program with leaderboard

  • 3 November 2020
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Wondering if anyone has automated a process to reward superuser/advocate activity based on the community leaderboard, or if you’re doing it manually what have you learned from the experience and what’s been the ROI on the program.

5 replies

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I don’t think it is possible to automate it out of the box (maybe webhooks can be used - but I’m no expert on that), but I think it is a great idea: It would be cool to automatically award a badge to a user who finished a week in first place on the leaderboard.

The way we identify and follow the progress of users / potential superusers is more manual. We use our ranking system for prescreening and manual checkups for qualitative evaluation. So every week (or every other week) we make a list of all users who have reached a certain rank (which is linked to certain activity numbers) in that timeframe. Then we take that list and manually check the users’ posting quality in order to evaluate if and how we want to approach them to pull them into our superuser programs.

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Hi Justine,

That would be a great idea! On our Community we used to do it manually, at first with small rewards for the number one or someone who just entered the ‘wall of all timers’. However, this took up too much of our time and often we would hand out the rewards to the same members, which beat the purpose of the gamification aspect of it.. 

After a while our Superusers even started to resent the leaderboard and it became a point of frustration with them. Since we didn't have many options to automatically give away badges to certain actions, we decided to quit the leaderboard altogether.

If we could automatically reward our users, this would help us greatly! I also feel that the data part of the leader board is lacking at the moment, since you don't have a database to check for more information on the rankings. 

If anyone has some tips, I'd love to hear them! Have a good day for now!

@bjoern_schulze I really like your badge idea for a leaderboard streak -- am going to add that to our manual badges and see how it performs. And appreciate you sharing your manual process for monitoring the progress of users / potential super helpful, as we’re in the early days of our community.

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@justine.rae curious, are you looking to reward people with anything specific (other than the badge)? We just rolled out our community and I could see us wanting to automate something like this at some point. If we ever build anything I’d be happy to share it with you all.

@mstone appreciate anything you can share, as right now we will be manually rewarding members, both with badges and starting to stand up a more tangible program with swag and other nothing like a little surprise and delight to make your advocates/influencers feel appreciated for what they’re doing organically to build your community/brand profile.