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  • 27 August 2020
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Hi guys, 

I have a question, we are working on re-branding our ranking structure which is going well and my next project is to redesign our homepage banner. However, the problem that I am having is that I can’t see any option to upload a version of the Hero banner for Mobile and another version for desktop.

When you think about how small the banner is on mobile there is very little room for creativity here. Is there not a way or a function which allows you to show mobile users 1 banner and desktop or tablet users another? 



6 replies

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I have this very same question as @Emil !

We’ve just changed our hero banner and it works fine on desktop:



But very poorly on mobile:



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@Suvi Lehtovaara Hey, I just wanted to ask, have you had any response to our question yet? 

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@Suvi Lehtovaara Hey, I just wanted to ask, have you had any response to our question yet? 

No, I have not :frowning2:

@Julian, maybe you can help us?

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Have not tried it myself yet but I think you should be able to solve it with css media queries by adding it to custom css. But you’ll probably need to host intended image for smaller screens somewhere to make it work. :thinking:

@Julian, what do you think?



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Yes, I know about this. I had a quick chat yesterday about it with our product designer, as we also want to improve this for you. We surely recognize that it can be a challenge to find an image that is working on all the different viewports.

I think you could work with custom CSS, I will ask some colleagues who actually know way better how this could be done so that I can share some options with you.

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@Julian and @ErikT thank you for your response it would be really good if you could find out and let us know as this would be a massive help!