Commenting on Events

  • 19 November 2021
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No, commenting, cant spin up engagement, excitement around events.

Some of our top Community users are actually speakers at this event but I cant give them a shoutout.

And it’s another thing why I fail to understand, why is the Event content type only offered from the Admin console and not for the end user (based on Roles?)

3 replies

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@anirbandutta what we do is create a topic and add it as a featured topic on the event. We often have pre-event topics, day-of, and post-event topics where we recap, share recordings/slides, and take additional question.


Hmm… thank you @Scott Baldwin , A topic (I wish a blogpost) is a great summary, but the event content type itself I think, is a great engagement opportunity, just like Facebook events.

Moreover, I dont know why is ‘Events’ are classified to the Moderator role only on Insided - I’d like to hear your thoughts here 


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Facebook’s event model is certainly different in that the engagement is on the event directly vs. via separate topics but I also think that can restrict the visibility of conversations to just the event content type itself vs. opening up awareness to a wider range of people that may have missed the event entirely. Will check out your other idea.