Can we merge users?

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Hi all!

In our user base, it’s not uncommon for people to change domains, or companies and want to retain their history, etc.

We used to be able to edit the OpenID string, but that no longer seems to work.

Any ideas on how I can merge the old Id into the new one?



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Howdy @mstruening !

Unfortunately, merging users isn’t currently supported at all by inSided. I remember answering this question a while ago, so please feel free to check out my original answer at:

I seem to recall you were involved in that discussion, but I’m not aware of any changes since then.

Let me ask @Julian and @Alistair FIeld for help. To be honest though, I’ve never known ANY forum software have support for something like this.

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That’s correct.  Unfortunately, the OpenID string is now the e-mail address of the user….so not something we can adjust 😪

Hopefully someone has an idea… these cases, our users have tons of threads and replies, and would essentially lose all that history.

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Thanks for flagging this to me, @Blastoise186!

Yes, merging users is also a feature I would really love to see in our platform. I know that this is on our radar, however we still need to make some things happen before we can allow that: Currently, an account and the related posts are connected to a ton of different things on our platform. We are in the process of allowing posts to be re-assigned to other users (e.g. now you can do that with Articles and Product Upates), and we will soon offer this also for other content types. I hope that, once all of this has been achieved, we can finally offer you an easy way to merge two accounts into one.


That’s correct.  Unfortunately, the OpenID string is now the e-mail address of the user….so not something we can adjust 😪

I am wondering what you exactly mean by saying you cannot adjust it. Because this would be my go-to solution for these kind of situations. I would simply update the email address and the SSO information. I have not saved any changes now (for obvious reasons), but the OpenidConnect field in your environment was editable.

So you ideally can simply exchange the credentials of the former account with the new account, then the user should be directed to his/her old account when attempting to log in with the new email address.

One thing to bare in mind: We do not allow duplicate records, so you might have to temporarily alter one of the two (e.g. Julian@gainsight.com1) to be able to save the changes.

Hope this helped, let me know if you have more questions around this!

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Appreciate the reply….and hope for the future!

Hi @Julian - Thank you, that is exactly what I have been doing in our community. It works well but makes me nervous every time I do it 😐

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Yes, I also had this in the beginning… After doing it a couple of times however, you see that it just works and then it becomes less exciting. :) Still it is good to know that we will eventually make this a feature and reduce the risk.