Can we create subgroups with groups?

  • 8 July 2021
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Hi! We identified an interesting idea today in our team meeting. We have five core groups, and we want to continue building content within them and engagement, but we also want to be receptive to other language and localization needs. 

So, is it possible to create subgroups within a group? 

These subgroups would have the same tags as the primary group, but it creates space for those that want their own connection to their region and language. 

Thanks so much!
Sabina - C2C

5 replies

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Howdy @SRB123 !

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Groups. As far as I’m aware, you can’t do multiple levels of groups right now, but I can see the concept and the idea sounds pretty cool. Would you be happy to post this as a new Idea by any chance?

Orrr… Just upvote this one that I found after posting the comment! XD

Thanks so much @Blastoise186, it seems I don’t have access to that post? 

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Hehehe, sorry about that @SRB123 !

Technically speaking, I shouldn't have access myself as I'm not an inSided customer. But I break every rule anyway because I'm a rebel, so one of my custom roles here grants me an override that gives me that level of access. It also means I don't appear on the employee leaderboard.

If you are a verified customer, you should get access by this time tomorrow. But just in case, let me play a joker card and ask @daniel.boon @Julian and @Jeanie Lee for help. They should be able to force the verification system to run.

Thank you so much! I am an InSided customer - I’m with C2C - so it should be easy :) 

Appreciate the help!!

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hi @SRB123. You are set as a customer in our backend now. Can you try visiting the idea again, while you are logged in? 


I do recommend voting for the idea, as it has been brought to our attention by other customers too. I can disclose that we will be making a lot of improvements to our Groups Module during Q3-Q4; however, creating subgroups has not made the cut just yet. Though, we do have this feature in the back of our minds.