Can inSided support displaying content in an iframe on other sites?

  • 17 November 2020
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We want to use community links within our training courses in the Skilljar LMS. However, it looks like inSided doesn’t allow iframing content on to other sites, at least out of the box.

Skilljar says, “if you have iFrame settings available to you within the domain host dashboard, you'll want to look for X-Frame-Options and set a value that would allow external embedding. Changing these settings should allow Skilljar to successfully render the embedded content within your lessons.”


1 reply

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Hi Lila, I think the best solution would be to use the in-page embeddable for this. This will allow you to embed the content in a user friendly way and you will also be able to select the relevant content easily. You can read more in the article below. Would that work? Otherwise, it would probably be best to use the API, as Iframes can cause usability and security issues. Happy to discuss with you and Skilljar in a call…