Can I send an email to all community users from the inSided platform?

  • 22 March 2019
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If you are launching a newsletter or trying to announce something important to your community users, it is not possible to send emails from the community itself. However you can easily export list of user email addresses and use a different mailer service to send emails to these users:

  • Go to Analytics in control and run an all time users export.
  • All community emails addresses will be given in this export.
  • Copy/paste or import the email column to your preferred email service and send your newsletter! 💥

1 reply

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I was wondering there should be some kind of Announcement functionality that is a banner on the Community but also lands in all registered users’ inboxes? Is there no way this can be done?

It’s critical for Community specific announcements like: Upcoming maintenance window, newsletters, TnCs update, and other crit. News. @Frank , @Julian ?