Best Practice for Draft Content

  • 16 July 2020
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Hi All - I’m looking for some best practice advice. We’ve recently launched a Knowledgebase (customers/partners/employees) and Advanced Competency Hub (partners/employees). 

I have several employees who will be creating articles for this area, but need their content reviewed before publishing.

What’s the best practice here? I don’t want to give everyone access to the backend (for licensing reasons, for one). I’m thinking create a private “draft” category and have employees create conversations that a moderator then tweaks and converts to an article. Does that make sense? 

Any obvious solution I’m not thinking of? Thanks for the advice!

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The way you are describing it is the way we also do it.

  1. Registered users (who shouldn’t have access to Control) get a Custom User Role that allows them to create content in a hidden category
  2. They create a discussion and publish it into this hidden category
  3. A moderator reviews the discussion, edits it, converts it into an article, adds an article image and moves it to the category it is supposed to be published in

Unfortunately we haven’t found an easier way (i.e. there isn’t one) to let users without Control Panel access write articles.