Badge notification emails

  • 18 September 2020
  • 2 replies


Under badge settings, it’s possible to choose for a notification to be sent either by private message, or by (email) notification. 

Is it possible for users to turn off badge notification settings? I can’t see this option under profile settings? 


2 replies

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Hi Nat,

thanks for pointing this out. I somehow have never even thought about this… I don’t think we have a setting for this specific one. Did you get feedback from your users on this?

I will have to speak to the product team about it, to make sure I am not missing something and to see if/how/when it could be added.

Hey @Julian 

Yeah this was actually feedback from one of our superusers who wants all email notifications turned off. Glad it’s not just me missing something! 

Great, thanks for checking it out :slight_smile: