Are we able to move the Cookie Settings and Terms & Conditions?

  • 3 February 2022
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We would like to have this within our footer and not above. Can we hide these and then add them to our custom HTML for our footer?



8 replies

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@Julian I’m a bit surprised this was just rolled out changing the look and feel of many communities without a heads up… Or maybe I missed this, but agree with @hbailey1 it would be nice to have some control over this and perhaps be able to use the link elsewhere, such as the community’s own footer. 

So here is where I can help in the meantime, depending on what you want to do:

  1. Remove the Privacy links
    Script: (Remove this if you want to move the link to your footer)
    <!-- Remove T&Cs and Cookie consent default links -->
    var privacyLinks = document.getElementsByClassName("templatefoot-privacy-links");
    privacyLinks[0].setAttribute('class', 'dont-show');


    .dont-show {
    display: none;
  2. Add the T&Cs link somewhere else:
    <a href="/site/terms">Terms &amp; Conditions</a>
  3. Move the privacy links to your own footer:
    Script: (Almost same as above + setting the function)
    <!-- Remove T&Cs and Cookie consent default links and enable onClick function -->
    var privacyLinks = document.getElementsByClassName("templatefoot-privacy-links");
    privacyLinks[0].setAttribute('class', 'templatefoot-privacy-links invisible');
    function cookiePolicyOpen() {

    CSS: (Hides instead of removing)

    .invisible {

    Footer HTNL: (Simulates a click of the hidden link)

    <a onclick="cookiePolicyOpen()">Cookie Settings</a>

    For the T&Cs use the same as in step (2):

    ​<a href="/site/terms">Terms &amp; Conditions</a>

Hope this helps!

Worth checking with the inSided team before making changes. There was a thread long time ago about hiding/changing some things and how they may be against T&Cs, see reply from @Jeanie Lee here:


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The information I shared doesn’t remove the powered by InSided though… just the 2 links that were added recently to that section. So they can be moved somewhere else… For me that was the custom footer.

What Blastoise shared about Google might be a bigger concern though. All the more reason to get InSided to share their side of things here… (ie. A way to remove the links and add them ourselves where needed…)

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I’m afraid Jeanie Lee hasn’t been very active on the community recently. Let me try and grab a @Julian Lee instead. :)

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Thanks Blastoise for mentioning me here. I am checking with the team and will get back to you with more info & answers to your questions as soon as possible!

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Hey @hbailey1 @SmartlyGreg @Blastoise186 @Scott Baldwin,

We would like to apologise for the unexpected change. This is indeed a miscommunication on our side - the feature was rolled out before the announcement, which will be published very soon. 

In mean while, we’ve fixed some UI issues in the footer:

  • The text color inherits the metadata color. 
  • The spacing has been fixed. 
Updated UI of the footer

If you need to hide the links, please find the custom css code below:

Please note that the code has been modified because of the UI fix. If you’ve done some custom css to fix the styling earlier, please double check and update the custom css if necessary. 

Hide both links:

.templatefoot-privacy-links {
display: none;

Hide ‘Terms & Conditions’:

.templatefoot-privacy-links a:nth-child(1) {
display: none;

Hide ‘Cookie settings’:

.templatefoot-privacy-links a:nth-child(2) {
display: none;

Please let me know if you need help or have any questions. :pray:

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@xiaoyu-shen thank you for the response on this.

If anyone is interested, or has used the script I shared, I can confirm that it seems to still be working as is, especially the ability to move the cookie settings link to somewhere else.

Hope it helps!

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@SmartlyGreg You just saved me SO much time! Thank you for sharing this solution!