API: extract User Roles for all users

  • 19 December 2022
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Hello Team,

Today we have a technical question, asked by our BI Analyst. I was gonna forward it to inSided support but I figured it makes more sense to ask on the Community, in case somebody else will have the same need in the future.



So we are currently trying to extract the ‘Custom Role’ of our users, for all our users.
We saw this API ( but want to avoid having to call this API for all our users. 

We believe we are currently using this API ( for all user details. 

Is there any way a Custom Role could be obtained from here, or other APIs we should be looking into  to get a complete details of our users (including custom roles)? 


Does anybody have an idea?

Thank you so much!


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3 replies

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Hi Daniele,

Unfortunately the inSided APIs are quite transactional in their design, they are not created for BI-tooling as you will have noticed.

If this is a one time or quarterly thing, the user export would be the way to go.

You can find it at /analytics/export

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Hi @bas, this would be more like a daily thing, as we need to retrieve custom role to filter out relevant roles for the Dashboards we will build on Tableau.

Do you see this getting implemented at some point in the future?
Could this potentially change with the upcoming datalake release? any partial hint?

Otherwise we will explore some more internal workarounds :)



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I can see this becoming available in the future yes, and indeed the magic word is datalake :)

I wouldn’t be able to comment on the current planning, so please keep on the lookout for the next roadmap update.