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  • 3 December 2022
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Hi all, we have a stack of release notes from our old Zendesk KB that we’d like to add as Product Updates. Are there any tips or best practices for this? We also want to include the date they were released.


Best answer by Oliver Marriott 7 December 2022, 12:58

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Hey @mvalkovic 👋,

Unfortunately it isn’t currently possible to edit publish dates for topics, including Product Updates. There’s an idea where other community members have raised and described similar challenges to yours, which I would encourage you to vote on:



With the current functionality my advice would be to make sure you include the date of release clearly in the title and to add a featured image to the product update to make it explicit that this is an old product update. You could also add a Product update label when you create it, which will appear on the product update. For example, our latest roadmap update, included the label ‘Roadmap’:

Alternatively, if you don’t want these release notes to clutter your more up to date and relevant product updates, an option would be to create a KB category where you can add these separately e.g. ‘Pre 2023 Release Notes’.

thanks @Oliver Marriott !