Active user - All-time activation funnel

  • 19 August 2020
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I was looking at the activation funnel - not sure I completely understand what its reporting, and was hoping someone can help. For example active user - does this mean that 45% of my users are active, based on the reporting period? I also switched the reporting period and noticed that the numbers do not change.

Also I have 99K users and I don’t think 2406 is 45% of them.

I am sure I have this all wrong - be great to get an explanation to clear my thinking - Thanks


1 reply

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Hey @aluciani,

Unfortunately, it looks like the funnel is not behaving as intended. The % users should be the % of users who have made at least 1 post, but even that does not seem to be calculating correctly.

This widget is actually one of the ones that we don’t currently plan to rebuild in the new success dashboard. We do have the intention to revisit the idea of an activation funnel in the future, although we don’t have any concrete plans yet.