Who counts as a team member?

  • 11 May 2020
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Who counts as a Team Member?

  • A team member is any user who has access to Control.
  • A user has access to Control if they have:
    • One of the following primary roles: administrator, community manager, or moderator.
    • A custom user role that grants permissions which give access to Control. See our guide to custom user role permissions to learn more.
  • If you use the invite tool on the team overview page and invite a user to be an administrator, community manager, or moderator, then this user will also count towards your seat usage, even if they have not yet accepted the invite.

The rest of this guide is intended for customers who are on a pricing plan with a limited number of seats.

Which users count towards my Seat total?

  • Any inSided user that has access to Control is considered to be a Team Member, and each Team Member occupies a Seat.
  • Any user who has been invited to the platform and has not yet accepted their invite also occupies a Seat.

What happens if I need to add another team member but I’ve already reached my Seat Limit?

  • That’s no problem - you can still continue, and we won’t charge you anything without your consent. 
  • A member of the inSided team will reach out to you if you need to discuss adjusting your seat limit.

For more information, check our guide on how to manage your team and invite new members.

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