How to contact support

  • 29 January 2019
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How to contact support
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Ran into an issue and need help? We are there for you! Please find our contact details as well as our SLA below.

Before you contact support

Sometimes support is unable to help you or answer your question, they might not be responsible or are not the ideal contact for certain types of questions. Here a quick checklist of things which we think might help you before checking with support:

Best practices in using the inSided platform
If your question is more about how to use a feature the best way, then the community probably is the better place for your question? Ask you question here.

Issues caused by Third-Party scripts
We sometimes receive bug reports which are caused by a script that has been added/changed by you or your colleagues before. If you know that you have changed something before, see if it helps when you disable the Third-Party script. Of course you can still ask us for help if you do not know any further. ;)

Contact details

Email: support(at)

- guaranteed reply within 24h during workdays.

Telephone: +31 20 625 3287

- available 9am until 6pm (CET) for direct support
- available 24/7 for outages (our crisis response team will receive your voice mail message)

Status incident page:

- Register to receive email notifications in case of performance / availability issues

Service level agreement

The service level agreement can be found here (& attached to this post).

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