What cookies do we set and why do we set them?

  • 26 July 2019
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The inSided platform makes use of a number of different cookies and will set these in your web browser. From time to time we are asked to provide information about these in regards to the compliance with the EU Cookie law so therefore we have compiled this extensive list describing all platform cookies and the platform functionality they are required for.

Full list of all platform Cookies, Local Storage and Session Storage items is here

NOTE: Extra cookies can be set by using SSI/ TPS. We can't control that.

NOTE 2: a selection of customers have implemented their own custom cookie permission system to obtain permission from the end user to place non-functional cookies

NOTE 3: If you wish to use a custom cookie banner but want to map it to platform functionality then please email support@insided.com with your requirements and we can take care of this for you.


How do we handle Google Analytics cookies?

InSided uses Google Analytics to collect numbers of visitors and activities in the platform to help to reach and measure business goals. This collection takes place on grounds of Legitimate Interest. The concept of Legitimate Interest ensures that anything necessary to make the product successful for its purpose is allowed without legal agreement. This can only be done as long as we inform the end user about it. In the case of the inSided platform this means that we provide the following levels:

  • If no cookie consent has been given, the platform uses anonymized analytics
  • Level 2 and higher cookie consent contains regular analytics


How do we prevent unwanted marketing activities?

Google Analytics by default is not used for marketing activities and our clients can rest assured that user information is not tracked for marketing purposes. Analytics merely serves to improve the experience for the clients of the inSided platform.
To support this we have implemented a number of different measures:

  1. Enable the Google Analytics anonymizeIp setting when end users don't want to be tracked
  2. Completely disable remarketing
  3. inSided platform customers are responsible for drafting their own terms and conditions that explain this to platform users in more detail

Why is Google Analytics considered an essential cookie?

For internal analytics and monitoring purposes we use Google Analytics, the purpose of which is to be used by the Community Success managers to our clients with the success and reach of the platform against their original goals. The use of Google Analytics is a fundamental part of the platform package, inSided cannot provide the correct level of analysis necessary for the success of a community without it - hence why we treat it as an essential cookie.

How do we respect the privacy of visitors with Google Analytics?

We do not want users’ personal data to be tracked before they give their explicit consent. Therefore we undertake a number of technical measures to ensure we are both EU Cookie law and GDPR compliant with regards to Google Analytics.
The first of which is by including the following parameters in the GA tracking code that takes place on the forum:

  1. Anonymize IP = true
  2. displayFeaturesTask = null

This technical paper explains this process in more detail: https://support.google.com/analytics/answer/2763052?hl=en​

In regards to any form of data collection for advertising features (which involves sending data back to Google), this has been completely disabled as standard for all communities on the inSided platform as can be referenced by this setting in the Google Analytics control panel:


This above change gives us full control over what is sent to Google (in this case nothing), read more about how Google guarantees the privacy of data here:

The above measures are considered as GDPR compliant by the Dutch Privacy Authority, which in turn are compliant with European law. For more information you can consult the white paper around this here: https://www.autoriteitpersoonsgegevens.nl/sites/default/files/atoms/files/138._handleiding_privacyvriendelijk_instellen_google_analytics_aug_2018.pdf


How to withdraw cookie consent?

Cookies within a users’ web browser can be deleted at will by the end user or stopped from being set in the first place. See this real world example from the European Joint Research Council (who of course are fully compliant with EU cookie law): https://eurocodes.jrc.ec.europa.eu/cookies.php


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